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Instructional Design
& Visual Communication

\Ben Croshaw\

Lead designer at Acumen Learning with 10 years industry experience designing facilitator-led instruction, self-paced online learning, and video-assisted just-in-time delivery.

Experienced product and process lead, from project scoping and analysis, through design and development, to managing implementation, evaluation, and continual product updates.

About Me

Dedicated & Loyal

When faced with economic pressures to shift the way we did business,

I logged in when many work-from-home employees could have logged out. Led the digital transition of our facilitator delivery and online offerings. Every design delivered on time, exceeding expectations and deepening client relationships.

Classic, Creative, Professional, Simple

My personal tagline that guides the way I design and shapes the way I show up for work and life. It's the tagline I'm always chasing, but that's what taglines should be, right?

Consul (ESFJ) Personality

Extraverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. In other words, I'm outgoing, motivated, concerned with outcomes and exceeding objectives, and driven by creating experiences. I also thrive off to-do lists and I care about relationships. My boss always says, "You're too young to have old friends." and I counter with, "well, you can't make old friends."

\Ticked Podcast\

Founder, principle host, and producer of the Ticked Podcast

Fan of design, business, and creative storytelling

\Soccer Fan\

Lifelong soccer fan

Former AYSO athlete

10-Year Season Ticket Holder for Real Salt Lake

Fan of USMNT & EPL

\Music & Singing\

Choirs and Featured Soloist roles

Piano player

Supporter of the arts

and theater

\Movies & Media\

My streaming queue is longer than yours

Analytical look into production behind the stories we see on screen

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