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Effective & engaging design leads to efficient learning.

Education & Experience

MS \ Instructional Technology & Learning Science

BA \ Marketing

Internship \ HR Marketing & Training

2 Years \ Designer for 1–1 Executive Coaching

9 Years \ Designer for Corporate Training


Ability to strike a balance between visual design & instructional theory, having studied marketing and learning sciences. Experienced background in instructional design, evidenced in creating instructional tutorials, facilitator-led courses and training guides, ILT and VILT participant guides, self-paced online environments & video production in the training industry for 10 years. I'm highly communicative, an authentic leader, and a curious learner which qualify me for dedicated work ethic, team collaboration, and career success.

Teams & Clients

Lead instructional designer for high-performing consulting teams ranging from 5 in-house consultants to 15, from 3 contract facilitators to 30, spanning a global reach in client delivery.

Outside of facilitator-led training, lead designer and administrator in self-paced online coursework, interacting daily with senior account management and L&D clients while managing product revenue stream.

Worked with some of the greatest companies in the world, designing executive coaching and business acumen workshops for 30 of the Fortune 50, international companies in healthcare, retail, and consumer goods industries. Partnering with internal account management to become point of contact and content in client relationship.

Design Samples

Design Samples
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