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Trainer Certification

\Process Design and Delivery\

Train-the-Trainer, Instructor-Led

Designed Process, Deliverables, and Session Experience



Worked alongside the company's President, and CEO to design a process whereby company facilitators train client facilitators and independent consultants from around the world to deliver content from the flagship program. I designed the certification process, deliverables, follow-up coaching and resources in this pilot initiative, which continues generating revenue.


  • Conducted interviews with the company's President and CEO to solidify core content teach

  • Ratified this decision with other key stakeholders in the company

  • Designed the certification process while continually reviewing and implementing with company leadership

  • Assisted in communicating with candidates to set the right expectations before the workshop

  • Accompanied the master trainer to a majority of our delivery workshops where I filmed the session with multiple camera and audio inputs.

  • Edited all video as a produced playlist offered as a follow-up resource to candidates

  • Continued to collaborate with master trainer in delivering coaching resources to candidates following their session


  • Designed the certification process involving pre-work, session design and delivery, and follow-up coaching for all candidates

  • As pre-work, designed all candidate communications, agendas, and assignments

  • As session delivery, created the all-inclusive Facilitator Certification Guide, an in-depth, 100+ page manual describing expectations, delivery methodologies, scripted teaching flow, and visual references

  • As follow-up, created a video playlist of the recorded session and designed the facilitative coaching learning path to certification

  • This process has been replicated for 5 years, deployed among several key client relationships and international consultant relationships to grow the business

Train-the-Trainer, VILT

Design Update for Virtual Delivery


Live instructor-led training dramatically shifted to virtual delivery among all clients, a new demand that is sure to stay. The materials and resources needed to align and update with the new format. A different delivery format also meant different ways to engage the learner where I introduced new virtual learning activities company-wide and included them in the certification training.

T3 VILT Facil Guide.png
T3 Activity Tutorial.gif


  • Collect data and scope the project with internal account managers delivering to client candidates

  • Oversee review process, considering which teaching methodologies carried over to virtual delivery, and which needed to be replaced to more engaging learner experiences

  • Convert existing live, instructor-led facilitator guide to interactive pdf-writable format, leveraging navigation, note-taking, and hyperlink functionality for enhanced learner/user experience

  • Implement new teaching flow into the design, watching session recordings from master facilitator to use-case audiences


  • Updated facilitator guide in pdf-writable format and user interaction

  • 12 Produced tutorial videos where I demonstrated the facilitation to engaging and new virtual classroom learning activities

  • Process updates to the pre-work, session delivery, and follow-up resources delivered to facilitator candidates

  • Completed and aligned design (graphic and instructional) for either use-case in trainer certification: Live Instructor-Led or VILT

Train-the-Trainer, Self-Paced Online Cohorts

Designed Training for Online Cohorts


I designed a simplified trainer certification process for online cohorts. Once completing the online coursework, learners may apply to become a certified cohort lead and guide their team or department cohort through the online learning. Where all the heavy instruction is self-contained, any student can feel comfortable hosting team check-in calls where they discuss insights and application toward their initiatives.


  • Analyzed project scope and determined early on to implement instructional design practices from Merrill's First Principles of Instruction, beginning with exploring a problem

  • In order for a learner to feel real application from this material, where it was all self-guided, they needed to relate their outcomes and application to a "business challenge" particular to their role

  • Designed a content draft stemming from this identified "business challenge," and implemented application and integration concepts into the cohort-led debrief calls

  • Foundational learning occurs at the course level, while application and integration occur during the trainer-led cohort calls

  • Conducted content review meetings with company leadership and designed an updated learner dashboard specific for this delivery

  • Implemented "Tell-Show-Do-Review" into the teaching cadence, segmenting out the standard module flow to alternate between cohort debrief calls

  • Scheduled a pilot launch with 3 international facilitator candidates

  • Conducted the pilot program over a 5-week timeframe with weekly cohort calls and homework assignments.


  • Training in a box materials

  • T3 Online Training Guide, separate from other facilitator guides, designed more around the facilitation of cohort discussion and less on a scripted flow

  • Accompanying T3 Online Cohort Slides, which training candidates follow in their cohort discussions

  • Final package of design drafts, final trainer materials, video recordings of all cohort calls, and summary findings to later implement within the company

T3 Online Video Call.png
T3 Online Proposal.png
T3 Online Slides.png
T3 Online PG.png
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