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Internal Facilitator Training

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Pivot to Virtual Delivery

Took the lead transitioning live delivery to virtual delivery



The COVID-19 Pandemic forced companies to shift business models, and whether the digital transformation occurred under the helm of the CTO or the Instructional Designer, virtual training is now delivered hand-in-hand with live training. Prior to the pandemic in March 2020, 80% of the company's revenue was generated through live, instructor-led training. All calendared live classes began to cancel in late February, early March of that year. The demanded shift happened quickly, but the response was designed, targeted, and effective.

Contributions during Pandemic:​

  • Responsible for producing platform walk-through tutorial videos, creating an onboarding library for all facilitators to learn functionality across 4 client-demanded virtual platforms

  • In total, roughly 60 tutorial videos were produced within an immediate and extremely tight timeframe, proving crucial for the business' response

  • Designed a certification process for facilitators to certify teaching in different platforms, met with and tracked their progress through the transition

  • Lead all tech support and troubleshooting for the company during the transition

  • Updated the design to all facilitator materials and participant resources, pdf-writable for greater participation and engagement

  • Created 12 new session activities for increased virtual interaction and trained facilitators on methodology and tool functionality

  • Trained facilitators and sales teams on effectively selling the online learning platform

  • Managed and produced all client custom video learning during this time, including voice-over recording, audio editing, graphics and animations, and final export for more than 100 videos

  • As a result of this massive effort, virtual sessions began to replace once-canceled live sessions mid-year 2020, ending the year on an upward revenue trend having worked through the virtual pivot

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