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Virtual Instructor Led Training

\Platform and Course Design\

Materials and Resources

Design Update for Virtual Platforms



Virtual training is becoming as widely accepted as live, instructor-led training. Depending on the subject matter and audience, there are reasons to support both formats. I see more and more companies selecting blended solutions that tailor toward their learning initiatives – even some choosing virtual formats for pre-work or foundational level, and live instructor-led for in-depth concepts and action planning.


As virtual formats help initiatives reach more participants, the delivery of the content needs to expand – it simply cannot be the instructor-led delivery now formatted for a webcam, yet I see that too often among training companies. I set out to shake things up when converting live classes to virtual classes.


  • Designed new delivery methods for facilitators to engage the learner during the virtual class, these interactions happen every 7 to 10 minutes

  • Interactions include chatbox prompts, polling, session video clips, whiteboard annotations, participant drag-n-drop, participant pictionary, participant seek-n-find, breakout group discussion, paired off leaders as teachers, and spotlight participant speakers

  • Created video tutorials explaining the instructional design behind these interactions and demonstrating functionality across 3 platforms

  • Scripted, filmed, and edited short video-teach segments using over the shoulder and full screen animations

  • Videos allow a facilitator to explain a concept in greater detail with accompanying animations and use in class as module summaries leading into a break

  • Designed a new participant guide that accommodates the virtual learner, with built-in navigation and interactive note-taking

  • Designed new facilitator slides where these activities are prescribed, following the 7-10 minute rule

  • Implemented these changes among all facilitators and proactively sought feedback and designed continual updates



  • Updated VILT participant guides

  • Updated VILT facilitator guides

  • Updated online tools and resources

  • Updated facilitator teaching tools and resources

  • VILT activity tutorial videos

Virtual Facilitator Assisted.gif

VILT Platform Design

Adobe Connect Virtual Platform


A Fortune-50 client asked that I convert the live, instructor-led course offered throughout their company to a virtual delivery format. They had transitioned all training to an enterprise-wide Adobe Connect license and the course needed to fit within those parameters. In addition to the platform setup, they also required a Producer's guide, as every class they ran was hosted by a producer and facilitated by a teacher.

Maybe you're familiar with Adobe Connect, maybe not. Unlike other virtual platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webex, for example) the content and setup on Adobe Connect lives indefinitely – your files don't delete from the platform when you log off. This allows for a completely immersive student experience, which I took and completely ran with.

VILT BAE Producer Guide.png
VILT BAE AC Platform.png


  • Conducted research and platform analysis to better understand capabilities, current classes featured on the platform, processes and features

  • Met with senior account management to discuss project scope and modify learning outcomes

  • Designed activities and content that mapped directly to these updated learning outcomes

  • Designed new facilitator resources and participant guides

  • Designed new slide library and entirely new presentation layout to enhance participant view

  • Trained the presenting facilitator on platform tools and refined materials and facilitative flow

  • Developed the training site, using the Adobe Connect layout feature, presenter-area feature, and designed facilitative cues for navigating through the layout

  • During development, tested the site continuously using three monitors set at different resolutions to replicate closely the participant viewing experience

  • Managed monthly client check-in calls and updates

  • Produced the session alongside the facilitator for the pilot testing, as well as the first three months of deployment

  • Trained client producers and company producers to continually support the facilitation

  • Continued to oversee any technical support issues that arose, working closely with company resources and client L&D department


  • Session Participant Guide

  • Session Facilitator Guide

  • Platform Producers Guide

  • Robust Adobe Connect virtual class environment

  • Step-by-Step instructions for setting up the environment for other company facilitators

  • Continuous tech support and product updates

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