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Instructor-Led Training

\Course Design\

Building Business Acumen®

Redesign Flagship Program at Acumen Learning



Facilitator-led course that needed a significant design update. The course is highly customized to the client and needed a template and process where the visual elements could reflect that customization. Consequiently, this redesign encouraged a company branding redesign and update.


  • Conducted analysis of teaching methodologies

  • Designed participant guide with new classroom activites

  • Designed accompanying slide library and created established brand templates

  • Designed new materials in continual learning resources for participants

  • Oversaw feedback and revision process with company leadership and facilitator group

  • Managed print production and deployment company-wide while overseeing continual updates

  • Continually supported all session design requests – creating learning materials and facilitator resources that are custom, client-specific


  • BBA Participant Guide redesign

  • BBA Facilitator Slide Library allowing facilitators access to resources and materials shared across the same design template.

  • Introduced new practices in slide design, avoiding the lecture-based, "death by powerpoint" participant experience

  • Redesigned Tools & Resources for continual learning

  • Facilitator Prep Tools – allowing facilitators to create from within the template and add to their individual presentation libraries

  • Established a new standard of visual design across the company.

  • High session feedback scores around the benefit of classroom resources contributing to overall learning.

Planning and Execution

New Course Design and Content Development


Initially designed for a long-time client, this course design follows a logical and practical approach to project planning and execution. Following the teaching structure of Merrill's First Principles of Instruction, participants are guided through this module with a case study adapted from a real-world scenario. This course presents 4 stages of planning and execution, with a common story arc carried through each of the stages. Additionally, each stage is taught using a mini, real-world case study.


  • Analyzed scope and content strategy for this course through several rounds of research

  • Met frequently with account management for applicability feedback and design iterations

  • Conducted case study research for story-based learning stemming from an actual problem.

  • Selected 5 unique real-world case studies to highlight the process and weave into the storyline

  • Designed different interactions for participants throughout the session, in-class activities and follow-up checklists for demonstration and application/integration

  • Facilitated a pilot course with several facilitators as part of the finalization of the content


  • Full slide presentation for the facilitator with facilitative notes and direction

  • Edited video clips and segments to highlight each of the individual case studies to use as a second method of instruction

  • Participant Guide and Participant ToolKit where the participant learns the process in class and has access to the ToolKit following instruction

Building Business Acumen® for Sales Professionals

New Course Design and Content Development


An extension of the Building Business Acumen course that is tailored to sales professionals. Still customized for the client, yet focused more on the individual contributor and increasing their awareness of their customer's business performance and strategy. Participants understand their company's performance, but more importantly, have line of sight toward their customer's strategic objectives and are able to modify their approach in buidling relationships.


  • Met with company executives to define scope and preliminary design expectations

  • Conducted content interviews with individual facilitators delivering to sales-specific audiences

  • Created content drafts and conducted feedback sessions through multiple revisions, working closely with the subject-matter expert

  • Designed new participant guide and revisions until it was passed for pilot audience

  • Designed accompanying slide deck library for pilot audience, working closely with facilitators


  • New and distinct Participant Guide for Sales

  • New teaching methodology and slide library

  • New participant resource, a Customer Analysis Tool participants use in class and as a follow-up

  • New course offering for internal sales team

Applying Business Acumen

New Course Design in Progress


Currently designing a new course offering at Acumen Learning for the graduates of the Building Business Acumen program. This course is designed to be a graduate-level program where participants will use the knowledge and skill gained in the building program to apply further to their individual performance roles.


  • Met with company executives to define the scope

  • Conducted interviews with several facilitators to collect content submissions based on client need

  • Analyzed current and former teaching models provided by facilitators to re-purpose or apply in new teaching methodology

  • Designed initial Content Storyboard for feedback

  • Designed initial content draft and held a series of feedback review sessions in content drafting

  • Identified learning outcomes and initial facilitator flow of the course

  • Currently in design and development of participant guide, slide library, and facilitated classroom learning activities

  • Continued to manage all other functions of my role while overseeing the completion of this strategic initiative for 2021


  • Content drafting and recorded feedback process

  • New Participant Guide for test audience

  • New Slide Library for test audience and pilot facilitator

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