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Self-Paced Online Training

\Platform and Course Design\

Seeing the Big Picture®

Designed First Generation Self-Paced Online Training



Designed the first-ever Acumen Learning online offering, opening up a new revenue stream for the company and partnering with Thought Industries to create a world-class online training solution. The environment only continues to expand, from initially two courses to now more than 50 content items. Upon launch in 2019, free licenses were offered to get users onto the platform. Now, entire clients onboard whose only business is the online learning. Learner base has doubled over the last year with 16 active clients administered private licenses, ranging from 100 users per client to 1500 users per client.


  • Defined, early on, that the learning flow for the course would follow a learn-retain-apply methodology

  • Began with the end in mind – created placeholder pages upfront in public offering that can be customized to a particular audience or client

  • Drafted content arc following the flow of the book, Seeing the Big Picture

  • Designed new learner retention activities applicable to every concept offered in the book

  • Authored all course quizzes and met regularly with leadership team in drafting the final exam

  • Regularly submitted content reviews for accuracy and approval

  • Managed the 2-person team to deploy the content, where I was individually responsible for 70% of production

  • Scripted every video and every activity

  • Produced and recorded voice-over audio

  • Oversaw the entire production timeline in under 5 months and launched on-time

  • Facilitated monthly content review meetings with senior leadership over the course of the first year following launch

  • Continually implement revisions, updates, new offerings, new content as this part of the business expanded rapidly


  • Participant flow employs a learn-retain-apply pedagogy, making this course highly interactive, engaging, and effective. (samples provided)

  • Initially, 2 courses, comprised of 11 modules, over 60 animated videos with voice-over, over 50 retention activities, 9 quizzes, and 1 final exam

  • Currently, learners have access to 30 content items displayed on a public dashboard

  • The platform is fully customizable to a client, white-labeled as their own learner experience, with custom content weaved throughout

  • The platform usage has expanded, to where it now houses the first-ever Acumen Facilitator Training Library, allowing facilitators to see session recordings and provide feedback

  • I am the sole administrator and point of contact for all online training solutions, was invited to present at the first Thought Industries User Conference, and have become certified on the Thought Industries platform

Full Learner Dashboard

60+ Animated Videos \ Learn 

STBP Online Retain.png

50+ Retention Activities (immediately following a video) \ Retain

STBP Online Apply 1.png
STBP Online Apply 2.png

Module Recaps, Discussion Boards, and Quizzes \ Apply

CSM, Thought Industries

"Our content authors looked at your course, then passed it along to everyone on their team. 

You've used nearly every page template we have and nothing feels repetitive or mundane.
You nailed it!"

Executive Team Member, Acumen Learning

"This is incredible, you absolutely nailed it! I don't know what else to say. I've never been more excited for the direction of this company and what this online training adds for our business."

Course Participant

"Understood this better than I did multiple university courses over various semesters. Super valuable, let's keep on coming out with classes like this!"

Course Participant

"As I said in the survey this is the best online, on-demand course I have ever taken. Perfect score 100% and above!"

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